Our company is committed to manufacture molds/tools both for plastic processing and metal founder purposes. We offer customers expertise and advanced technology by providing cost effective solutions to their specific problems and excellent quality from the required product design to manufacture the actual mold. Our machinery and the expertise of our technicians guarantee to produce even the most complicated molds/tools of excellent quality. We mainly produce die-casting and injection moulding solutions as well as press-tools and parts for moulds (inserts, plates). Our moulds/tools can be found in car industry, household plastic product industry and entertainment electronics. Also, we undertake CNC manufacturing with the most up-to-date machines.

We generate the manufacturing programs for the CNC machines with 3D CAD/CAM system (Unigraphics NX) and the product and mold design too.

We consider high quality of primary materials, that of the integrated tool elements and that of works of our co-operating partners to be of great importance. Our transporting partners are the best european steel manufacturers in the market. As a result of a harmonic partner relationship we are offered products of high quality according to obligations of the trade mark in a short term of delivery. Each manufactured product is delivered together with its certificate certifying its quality and origin.

I would like to stress our "creative" staff of excellent technicians each of which being a master of his/her trade. Experiences gained during several decades guarantee the excellent quality of tools manufactured in our company.


ZPS MCFV 2080 NT, Tos FS 80-0/A2, MAS MCV 1016, MAS MCV 750, ZPS MCV 1210, ONA D 360 F/S, ONA NX3F, Fanuc Alfa-0ie, Sui 500 Combi, Sui 32 1000, Sui 40 1000, Acra ASG 2440 HSR, TOS BPH 320 A, TOS WH 63, MAS VO50

Tos FS 80-0/A2

MAS MCV 1016


ZPS MCV 1210

ONA D 360 F/S


Fanuc Alfa-0ie

Tos SUI 500 Combi

Tos Sui 32 1000

Tos SUI 40 1000

Acra ASG 2440 HSR



Mas VO50



Pilousarg 290




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